Evil Will Rise

Bueno, no me puedo creer que haga tanto tiempo que no escribo por aqui. Por algun extraño motivo tenia la sensacion de que yo habia posteado hacia no tanto…En fin gajes del oficio.

Os contare que llevo una semana o asi que no paro de leer comics a tutiplen, comics que por cierto recomiendo encarecidamente: La Saga Northlanders de Brian Wood, una de warhammer 40k acerca de los templarios oscuros, y la adaptacion a comic de Beowulf. The Historian In Me Rocks with Passion 😀

También he estado escribiendo un monton mi nueva creacion. La estoy escribiendo en mi death note para que nadie cotillee, y por que va a corde con el cierto nivel de destruccion, muerte y caos, y…Aparecen frikis. Oh Si! El segundo personaje más importante de la novela es un mega friki que lleva una tienda de comics y que le va a dar la vuelta a la tortilla de forma impresionante. Mwahhahahahah

Esto…a lo que iba…


There was once a castle on the snow. But after many hard winters the main tower collapsed and the bulding was left to ruin in the top of that god forsaken cliff. That castle had once belonged to a very evil dark lord, who saw his very own reign fall under the never-ending storm of snow. Everyone there left, long ago. Everyone there most likely froze to death on their scape. No one prevails, no one will.

Thus, there remains the fallen tower, old and cranky as it cries with the frozen wind passing between its wrecked bricks, as it hits its weak wooden beams. Now the fallen tower has become a symbol to the inhabitants of the land further down south, where the weather is warmer and the field grow fertile.

The tower makes them remember that once upon a time there was a reign of chaos over these territories, a rule rising from the darkness within the deep caves from the montains across the river. But one day the merciless and fearless kingdom came to an end. Why? No one really knows. Some say it was just a matter of time, that hope would prevail and so it did. Others, perhaps a bit more skeptic think that the winter golem danmed them all for becoming the bigger threat and living him without a job, in misery having to feed two children from his dead wife.

Whatever may be, the fact is that, indeed, it is over now. The children would run up the hills happy again, the peasants will still suffer from the heavy taxes of a supposed free land while the lord become fatter on their seats. Everyone would be beack to the old times, everyone would be joyful and merry.

So perhaps would be your case.

But, listen to me carefully boy, when I tell you that the root of evil never dies, and a new dark lord will soon rise.


‘Cause the dark side it’s better…(we HAVE cookies) :p

<<darky darky Lilly, from the dark dark lands, from a dark dark future, present and past…>>


Hay días que eres incapaz de resistirte a nada, que tu autocontrol se ve totalmente trastornado.

Esos son los días en los que dices voy a tomarme un bombom…Y te comes la caja entera.

Voy a estudiar…Sale un dia genial , y te da igual, te vas a la playa a pesar de todo.

Hoy voy a hacer ejercicio…Y te quedas jugando al ordenador todo el dia con una enganchada de la leche.

Hoy voy a levantarme pronto…Y cuando suena la alarma dices…5 minutos mas…Y se convierten en horas.


Hay veces que se sucumbe a la tentación y, ¿que pasa? Pues no lo se, no siempre parece algo tan terrible, ¿no? En mi casa se dice que una vez al año, no hace daño. Todo el mundo acaba sucumbiendo a algo, aunque sea a la perdida de tiempo.

Evidentemente, hay que poner un limite. Tampoco vamos a ponernos en plan Dorian Gray y dejarse llevar por todo. Pero como decía el anuncio ese de la tele “todos necesitamos un poco de sur para poder ver el norte”.


Y por ultimo voy a dejar una cancioncilla de un grupo que me gusta mucho desde hace tiempo, y que últimamente he vuelto a retomar con fuerza:


“Temptation Waits”

“I’ll tell you something
I am a wolf but
I like to wear sheep’s clothing

I am a bonfire
I am a vampire
I’m waiting for my moment

You come on like a drug
I just can’t get enough
I’m like an addict coming at you for a little more
And there’s so much at stake
I can’t afford to waste
I never needed anybody like this before

I’ll tell you something
I am a demon
Some say my biggest weakness
I have my reasons
Call it my defense
Be careful what you’re wishing

You are a secret
A new possession
I like to keep you guessing

When I’m not sure what I’m living for
(When I’m not sure who I am)
When I’m not sure what I’m looking for
(When I’m not sure who I am)
When I’m not sure what I’m living for
(When I’m not sure who I am)
When I’m not sure what I’m looking for
(When I’m not sure who I am)

When I’m not sure what I’m living for
When I’m not sure what I’m looking for
When I’m not sure what I’m living for.”

Down and Up Again…

Creo que ya he comentado este tema por aquí pero, bueno, algo tengo que escribir…


Desde hace tiempo me pasa que cada vez que tengo una mala noche, en alguno de mis sueños aparece una persona en concreto…Una persona que nunca me hablara, una persona que nunca leera esto…Y no obstante, y a pesar de la realidad, en el sueño siempre es distinta…

Consigue que me estremezca, me da dolores de cabeza…Me pregunto, ¿por que?

A veces pienso que viene a torturarme, a restregarme algo por la cara, a tocarme la moral, a hacerme sentir peor…

…Ojala…Ojala pudiese darle ese gustazo…


…No. Hoy he descubierto que esa persona siempre aparece para recordarme algo…

Y ese algo es que, aunque duela, aunque moleste, pase lo que pase, el sentimiento se ira… Tal vez quede un resquemor amargo que darte pesadillas, pero se ira, y seguiras con tu vida, y te haras mas grande y mas fuerte…


…Fun night?

-Shut up…

…Wow, well you aren´t in a good mood…

-No quite…I feel quite…Slow…

…Oh dear, here we go….

-Yeah slow and me don´t go well together…

…You don´t say

-It´s just…everything seems odd…

…Darling, I think you are forgetting something. Our lives are odd, everythign gets weird around us…But we deal with it, we embrace what we are and carry on…

-I guess so…

…Hey, you are my favourite human, I don´t think I would stand anyone of your kind like I stand you…You are my something like clever and efficient girl, you are creative and you always find a way…You Are very capable…And if you aren´t then I am, I´ll do it, I´ll take it, this is the way it works…

-Well, yes but you have a quite destructive way of doing things…”You can´t live without the fire…”

…Well, I enjoy the heat, plus, some people don´t understand me otherwise, or take me seriously…Plus you have to admit you are quite fond of the burning too…


…So, let´s burn this place down shall we? It doesn´t suit you to be so down, you need some energy, let´s get down to it…

-I suppose…I could with a bit of chocolate or something…Did i heard caramel?

…Hell yes…


So the assassin stood up once again and looked at the dark city in front of her. She knew stuff happened, she knew things reapeated themselves sometimes, she knew things were hard by nature, even the most simple things. But that was life.


Como dirian en Batman, caemos para levantarnos….Hoy me vuelvo a levantar